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Kevin Quigley’s Design Porfolio.

You can hire me to create graphic work for YOU, whether it's for a show, a gift, a company logo, or more. You can also buy some of my existing designs at Click here to check out my art for sale!

Logos and headers

Thunder Bravo Fall Tour.jpg
Happiest Plate Pass 5.jpg
Bonnervoice Pass 9.jpg
Junkie Muse.jpg
Voices In Our Heads 6.jpg
Change It Arrow 16.jpg
Compass FTM Pass 2.png
Frankenstein Breen
Super Matty World
Mind Over Matterhorn Pass 4.jpg
Enneagram Type 2 Pass 5.jpg
Enneagram Type 1 Pass 5.jpg
Lonesome Highway 4
Kay's Quilting
IB 35 Icon


Hit the Bottle Pass Nine.jpg
Adventurer's Club Podcast
Nerd Comedy Podcast
Thirty20Eight Logo


GIFTS & More

Homecoming Blu Ray Cover Pass 3.jpg
Dishwasher August Pass 3.jpg
January Flavors.jpg


100 First Jokes
People's Show February
Frog and Toad Poster Pass 4.jpg
Token Portrait Poster Pass 3.jpg
The Thirties.jpg
Duffy Instagram.jpg