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Kevin Quigley, artist & writer.


Newest Work

Happiest Plate Pass 5.jpg

The Happiest Plate on Earth podcast logo

The folks behind the podcast, The Happiest Plate on Earth, reached out, looking for a new logo for their show. Their current logo was bright and shiny; my idea was to go a little more rustic, with design elements that gave the air of a Disney restaurant set in a timeless yesteryear. The podcast people were excited with the work, very different from the mid-century stuff I’m somewhat known for. I love to work with a range of styles and genres, and I was very proud of this one.

Shining in the Dark Anthology, ed. by Hans-Ake Lilja

Shining in the Dark.jpg

Hans-Åke Lilja, founder of Lilja's Library, has compiled a brand new anthology of horror stories to celebrate twenty years of running the #1 Stephen King news website on the web! This anthology includes both original stories like a brand new novella by John Ajvide Lindqvist (Let the Right One In), very rare reprints like "The Blue Air Compressor" by Stephen King, and “Drawn to the Flame,” the new novella by Kevin Quigley!

Shining in the Dark Back.jpg

My novella, “Drawn to the Flame,” is about a carnival, and about three boys who stumble upon the creepiest attraction there: a looming house just off the midway that might or might not be haunted. Only haunts are not what these boys have to fear; inside, they will come face to face with the mad ringleader known as Etienne LaRue … and with the things he has impossibly trained. Get drawn into the darkness and find the terrible light here, in “Drawn to the Flame.” (Pre-order now: Shining in the Dark at

Bonnervoice Logo

Michael Bonner is an audiobook narrator and voice artist, and wanted a clean, human logo that represented the aspects of his business. My concept was combining both the sound aspect and the book aspect of Michael’s work; I tried to suggest both reel-to-reel recording equipment and microphones, as well as an open book. Starting from those ideas, I made sure to incorporate the initials of Michael’s business; the B and the V are hidden in plain sight!

Bonnervoice Pass 9.jpg


"Working with Kevin Quigley was an amazing experience. Not only did he create ten amazing logos for me, he was efficient, responsive, receptive and an overall pleasure to work with. He took my ideas and ran with them, creating the perfect visual experience for my brand. Couldn’t be happier with his work. The entire experience was seamless from start to finish. If you’ve got some blank space in your life where there should be color and design, Kevin needs to be your next call/or email." - Gina Nero, of Mind Over Matterhorn 


Graphic design. Kevin has sold show posters, flyers, banners, and logos for theaters, businesses, podcasts, and more.

Books. This novelist and monographer has a roster of over twenty novels and collections and a series of nonfiction works.

Podcast. He's a cohost of the popular podcast The 3028, bringing his knowledge of theme park history to an engaging weekly show.

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Quigley has written more than a few books: novels, collections, monographs, and more. Discover the many worlds of Kevin Quigley.

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Check out The 3028, the weekly Disney podcast Quigley records with Matt Parrish. Check out history, listory, news, and more!