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KMQ Artist

Kevin Quigley, artist & writer.


Newest Work

I’ve released a new spooky short story collection sold directly through me. It’s called Dread Maximum, just in time for Halloween. For only $3, you get five short stories: “The Extinction Device,” “Seeds,” “Cold Rain Coming,” “Swing,” and “Laura Did Something Bad.” Send $3 via PayPal to or via Venmo to @Kevidently. Thanks!

Current Work

Graphic design. Kevin has sold show posters, flyers, banners, and logos for theaters, businesses, podcasts, and more.

Books. This novelist and monographer has a roster of over twenty novels and collections and a series of nonfiction works.

Podcast. He's a cohost of the popular podcast The 3028, bringing his knowledge of theme park history to an engaging weekly show.

The Dazzling Autumn Comedy Spectacle

Graphic Design

Quigley is a skilled and hard-working graphic designer, ready to create art and logos for your needs. He specializes in show posters, banners, flyers, and more. Check out what he has to offer.


Quigley has written more than a few books: novels, collections, monographs, and more. Discover the many worlds of Kevin Quigley.



Check out The 3028, the weekly Disney podcast Quigley records with Matt Parrish. Check out history, listory, news, and more!